The Collaborative Project

An Open Forum for PMs, PEs, Foremen, and Superintendents

This program is not scheduled at this time  but we can bring it to you

 One-day session

Have you ever questioned the expectations placed upon you?  Have you ever wanted to know what that other person is thinking?  Or why they do what they do?  Have you ever wondered how great teams prevent chaos, crises, and catastrophe?

Knowing, understanding, appreciating, and respecting the roles and responsibilities of other key players on the project is a great place from which to start. This all-day event focuses on getting along while getting it done.

Through open forum discussions and hands-on exercises, weak links will be discovered and keys to a more collaborative project will be found.  Participants will be challenged to engage in an alignment of interests that will benefit themselves, the project, and the larger collaborative team.

Learning Objectives / Outcomes

Upon completion participants will:

  • know how to engage others in problem resolution.
  • be able to work together through complex issues with more confidence.
  • Know the advantage of seeing and hearing things from many different perspectives

Who Should Attend:

  • PMs, Superintendents, PEs, Foremen, Project Executives