CPM Scheduling – Just the Basics

A hands-on Webinar

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What is the Critical Path?  How is the Critical Path established?  This 90 minute fast track webinar equips participants with the knowledge base required to create a basic CPM schedule and understand the critical path within it.

Participants will engage in a hands-on learning session that works methodically through a manual CPM schedule creation process (no computer).  Only the most basic and essential scheduling processes will be discussed as the exercise develops .

Participants will:

  • create schedule activities
  • develop the logic for a construction schedule
  • assign and understand relationships between activities
  • determine durations
  • recognize float
  • find the critical path

This IS NOT computer based training – No software is promoted

Learning Objectives / Outcomes

Upon completion participants will:

    • know what the critical path is and how it is derived
    • know the basic elements, steps and sequence of CPM scheduling