Design Build Seminar

Not scheduled at this time

 Many Contractors are watching as the Design-Build phenomenon encompasses more project opportunities.

This seminar answers important questions and unlocks the ‘mysteries’ of the Design-Build project delivery system.  Participants will be equipped with valuable knowledge necessary to engage in this broadening arena of construction.

  • Who can be a Design-Build Contractor?
  • How can we get involved as a Subcontractor?
  • Do we have to embrace this delivery system to stay competitive in the market?
  • How does it really differ from other delivery methods?

 Here’s what is covered in this seminar:

 Design-build . . . It’s Here!

  • What is Design-Build?  – Major differences from other delivery systems
  • Who is using Design-Build and to what extent?
  • What are the benefits? – How does it ‘deliver’ projects?
  • The RFQ / RFP Process
  • Who determines the design criteria?
  • Is there a negative side to Design-Build? The down-side of Design-Build
  • How do subcontractors get involved?
  • How does the Owner select a Design-Build firm?
  • Getting on the short list – Qualifications / experience / ability

Legal issues, contracting and risk

  • What are the legal risks?
  • How are risks managed?
  • Insurance and bonding
  • Contracting within a Design-Build delivery system
  • Understanding a Design-Build contract

Design-Build – Embracing a new Paradigm – Lessons being learned

  • How conceptual estimating is used to estimate the price for a RFP
  • Getting committed, collaborative players
  • Working together as ‘partners’
  • Quality Control within the Design-Build model
  • Scheduling / Phasing and other logistical concerns
  • How common documentation processes are affected
  • Integrated project delivery and BIM as it relates to Design-Build
  • Separating wants from needs – Creating maximum value within the budget