CPM Scheduling – The Basics and Beyond

A hands-on workshop for construction professionals

One 7-hour session

 What is the Critical Path?  How is the Critical Path established? Why does it matter? How important is it?  In reality, most construction projects are driven by the Critical Path Method of scheduling. This all-day workshop equips participants with the knowledge base required to understand the critical path and ultimately use the CPM schedule as a valuable management tool.

Participants will engage in a hands-on learning session that works methodically through a manual CPM schedule creation process (no computer).  The entire scheduling process will be discussed as the exercise develops .

Participants will:

  • create schedule activities
  • develop the logic for a construction schedule
  • assign and understand relationships between activities
  • determine durations
  • recognize float
  • find the critical path
  • discover the mechanics behind computer generated charts

A computer solution/program for CPM scheduling will be utilized to demonstrate and reinforce the hands-on exercise.

 This IS NOT computer based training – No software is promoted

 Learning Objectives / Outcomes

Upon completion participants will:

    • know what the critical path is and how it is derived
    • know the basic elements, steps and sequence of CPM scheduling