Prevailing Wage Fundamentals

This one-day course is designed to serve as the core course of AGC’s Prevailing Wage/Davis Bacon Certificate Program.  It focuses as much on the HOW of California Prevailing Wage/Federal Davis Bacon Compliance as the  WHY.  Officials from government, an apprenticeship program, and a fringe benefits program help present this important day of learning.

 Davis Bacon Act Requirements

    • Why Davis Bacon?
    • Relationship to State Prevailing Wage Laws
    • Reporting Requirements
    • Federal Compliance Enforcement
    • Penalties for Non-Compliance

California Requirements

    • Applicable California Labor Codes
    • Making sense of the Bureaucracy
    • Differences between the State and Federal requirements
    • Private projects using public funds
    • Subcontractors and Prevailing Wages
    • Reporting Requirements (Forms and Reports)
    • State Compliance Enforcement
    • Common Issues
    • Travel Time
    • Overtime

Wage Determinations & Worker Classifications

    • What is a Wage Determination?
    • How are Workers Classified on Prevailing Wage Projects?
    • How to access and understand Federal Wage Determinations
    • How to Access and Understand State Wage Determinations
    • Record Keeping – Daily Time Sheets
    • What to do When Workers Perform Many Tasks in the Same Day
    • When in Doubt?
    • Petitioning for Labor Classifications
    • Working with Labor Compliance Programs
    • What is a Labor Compliance Program?
    • Third Party LCPs
    • Why so much Difference?
    • Learning to work successfully with any LCP

The use of Apprentices on Public Works Projects

    • What is an Apprenticeship Committee?
    • Requirements for the use of an Apprentice
    • Where to find Apprentices (Registered Apprentices)

Fringe Benefits

    • What are Fringe Benefits?
    • Who Pays Fringe Benefits?
    • How are they Paid?
    • How are they distributed?