Five Steps to Fearless Negotiating

Because everyone likes to win

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one 7-hr workshop

This full-day workshop teaches the concepts of “fearless negotiating” as they relate to the construction industry. Using examples from “real-job” scenarios, this fast-paced session nails down five of the most important elements of successful negotiating and attaches tactics and strategies to each. Participants will be equipped to enter their very next negotiating session with more confidence than ever before.

Special consideration is given to pre-con meetings, scheduling and progress meetings, change order and contract negotiations and employee / team relations

Five Steps to Fearless Negotiating:

  • Preparation
  • Setting and knowing Expectations
  • Setting the tone
  • Reaching Agreement
  • Reinforcing the agreement

Learning Objectives / Outcomes

Upon completion participants will:

    • know what it means to prepare for any negotiation
    • be comfortable setting expectations for every negotiation
    • know strategies and tactics that will give them advantage
    • understand various options for reaching agreement