Power Summit is not a place – It’s a paradigm

. . . it is experience, passion, and technique converging to bring about a different kind of learning.

Training Seminars and Workshops

Power Summit develops, produces and presents training workshops, seminars, and certificate programs for businesses, trade associations, public entities and individuals.

Partnering Sessions and Meeting Facilitation

Power Summit provides expert Facilitators for all your meeting needs.

  • Construction Project Partnering Meetings
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Focus Group Sessions
  • Leadership / Staff Retreats

Power Summit has provided training programs in more than

60 American cities spanning 22 states since 1999

Power Summit training meets you where you are. Developed from relevant life experience, every program is complete with helpful tools that can immediately be used to improve personal and business skills. Topic specific charts, diagrams, studies, checklists, worksheets and hands-on exercises assist you in learning all you can from the workshop you attend.

Welcome to a different level

Power Summit

6236 Lake Alturas Ave
San Diego CA 92119

Toll Free Phone: 866-880-0272 .

By Power Summit

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