Event Pricing Structure

We hope you appreciate our straight forward approach to pricing – Let’s keep it simple.

$3,600.00 per day

  1. The fees shown are based on a one-day session of any duration of your choosing (up to 8 hours) and any day of the week of your choosing.  And, of course the program will be streamlined to meet your precise needs, taking on any form you desire)
  2.  The price includes light editing / adaptation of our off-the-shelf material to reflect the needs of your organization.  There is no limitation on the number of Participants.
  3. The price does not include normal expenses related to travel. (Airfare, Ground Transportation and Hotel)
  4. The price does not include course materials (Normally under $10.00 per person)
  5. Discounts:
    • Take $500.00 off if you schedule on a Monday, Friday, or Saturday
    • Take $400.00 each session if multiple sessions are scheduled
      • (Discount for first and second sessions will be reflected in the billing for the second session and then for every subsequent session thereafter)

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