San Francisco Bay Area PM Cert Course

AGC of California

Project Management Certificate Course

 Facilitator / Key Instructor: Paul Stout – Power Summit

16 Four-Hour sessions (conducted in 8 eight-hour days)

This program is not scheduled at this time  but we can bring it to you

Course Description:

Since 2005, the PM Certificate Program of the AGC San Diego Chapter has evolved into a standard of excellence.  Bright, determined, students “on the grow” are stimulated with contemporaneous training that reflects and augments their daily experiences.  A wide array of relevant topics are taught by industry professionals.  From pre-construction planning to project closeout, this course travels the natural path of construction projects to reinforce exceptional project management practices as well as the soft skills required to excel at a higher level.

This AGCCA  program takes 16 of the most essential and dynamic topics from the San Diego Program and concentrates them into 8 full day sessions.

Learning Objectives / Outcomes

  • To facilitate learning, growth and confidence.
  • To equip every student with the ability to surpass expectations of peers and superiors as they excel in their chosen career path within the construction industry.

Our Philosophy:

  • Allowing the rapid changes within the construction industry to guide continued program development ensures that the program will never be static.
  • Utilizing industry professionals to teach from their experience and perspectives ensures that topics are presented with the greatest possible level of authority.
  • Engaging young and old, inexperienced and experienced in group dynamics ensures that participants will learn from fellow students as well as from the front of the room.
  • Exposure to a wide range of thought and methodology ensures the companies sending personnel that their companies will benefit from their people learning about the industry from a deep and wide knowledge base.
  • Being repeatedly placed in the shoes of the “other side” ensures a balance and respect necessary to engage in effective project management suited to this century.

Course Topics

1. The Goals of Construction Teams and Building the Team for Success

2. Alternate Project Delivery Systems – Design Build – IPD – PPP – Lean

3. The Anatomy of a Great Project Management System

4. Pre-construction Necessities / Planning and Partnering

5. The Legal Side of Construction

6. Conflict Resolution

7. Working With the Design Team

8. The Anatomy of a High Profile Project

9. How a Construction Company Really Works

10. Making Meetings Meaningful

11. Earned Value Management and Budget Control

12. Managing Time and Technology

13. Debating the Issues between GCs and Subs

14. Short Interval Planning – Using the CPM Schedule to help Manage Projects

15. Quality Control – and Working with Public Agencies

16. Managing Change – Change orders and Claims Avoidance