How-To Build Cultures of Excellence In ‘Rising Star’ Construction Companies in Just 30 Days


Are you frustrated that you have to use a machete to cut through all the red tape at your construction job just to make a little progress?

 “Acclaimed Construction Project Manager and Award-Winning Instructor Reveals: How To Build Cultures of Excellence In ‘Rising Star’ Construction Companies in Just 30 Days”

This Simple & Highly Effective Process Will Make You The Envy of Your Competitors

As you’re sitting at your desk reading this, you’re going to realize that you and I aren’t much different.

I know what its like fighting to grow a division of a construction company with my hands tied behind my back. I’ve even struggled with:

  • Layers of bureaucracy piled so high that it brought the business to a screeching halt
  • Pressure to grow the bottom line while the boss hoards the authority and information needed to make real change
  • Added stress as the team is asked to do more with less which simply stacks on more responsibility without the time needed to produce results

And, as I struggled with growing my division I began to realize why the battle was so hard.

Distrust Kills Communication

With business strategy developed in the board room and shoved down to individual decision makers, I couldn’t trust the owners to set realistic goals. I was afraid to answer my phone and read my email messages following budgeting meetings because I knew exactly what was going to happen. I was going to get chewed out for not making the numbers that were crammed down my throat.

Making matters worse, I hesitated to make changes in my divisions because I knew that my credibility was already destroyed. I sent my team into a tailspin every time a new ‘flavor of the week’ rolled down hill into my lap. Besides, it didn’t matter what I did anyway – my boss would just undermine my authority and change the rules for my team behind my back.

There Is An Elephant In the Room

When the last ‘non-performer’ was fired it crippled the company. I became timid, trying to avoid attention as the axe fell in the office next to mine. As the dust settled, all I wanted to do was cover my tracks and get the next project done on time and within budget.

I needed to protect my job so I avoided making changes that went against the grain, even if I knew they would work. So, I continued to do what I was told – in blind obedience – even if it was obvious that the new ‘plan’ wouldn’t produce results. This way, I could always blame my boss for a bad decision.

Roles and Responsibilities Are Confused

Trying to improve the bottom line means getting rid of the biggest expense in our business – people – good people! With a small ill-equipped strike force now doing the work of an army, we all had to wear more hats.

But, I only have one head and I couldn’t figure out which hat to wear when – or if I was sharing the hat with someone else. All this confusion was great for me, but bad for the company. It gave me a way to hide!

I could point fingers and dodge responsibility as long as I was sharing the hat with someone else. I could blame someone else when I made mistakes because I could simply say, “I thought you were doing that!”

All This Red Tape Is Killing Us

The economy has been improving, but we’re still strapped with the policies and procedures that kneecapped us while we slugged it out to survive:

Teams Are Anemic – the business has been ‘in the balance’ for so long that we’re stuck with a culture that neglects our most valuable asset – people! We haven’t been properly staffed for years and we’ve been stretched beyond our breaking point. Operating this way has absolutely crushed morale and we’re no longer able to attract ‘rising stars’.

The Bank Account is Hovering at a Negative Balance – Because we haven’t been able to produce results that grow the company as we had hoped, we have sucked our cash reserves dry. We sold all the equipment that wasn’t bolted down, we cut to the bone and we still hold our breath on payday. Worst of all – we are at the risk of losing the talent we’ve already tapped to lead us on the path to becoming a top-tier construction company.

Finally! A Simple Solution to Building a Culture of Excellence And Become the Envy of Your Competitors

The Power Summit Team has discovered the secret to establishing a culture of excellence in up-and-coming construction companies! They’ve developed an exclusive one-day private workshop that reveals this secret and becomes a catalyst for growth.

Only serious companies need apply! This workshop is designed for the decision makers of those companies committed to excellence on their way to being real competition for the juggernauts in the industry. The construction business is fierce and the Power Summit team only has enough time to help those that want it most.

“Important Things!” – A Workshop Experience That Makes the Construction Business Exciting Again!

What makes this service special? This exclusive one-day private workshop delivers:

  • An Acclaimed Construction Project Manager and Award Winning Trainer & Facilitator: This is good for you because you save time & effort by getting a facilitator that is already ‘up to speed’
  • A Safe & Respectful Workshop: You finally get a safe place to discuss the elephant in the room without the risk of losing your job. The conversation is kept professional and is designed to increase collaboration and communication – even for the tough subjects.
  • A Systematic & Objective Evaluation Process: You benefit from a third party perspective. A facilitator that isn’t worried about losing their job or isn’t under your level of financial stress. The ‘Important Things’ team has already helped others work through these problems & they become your advocate for excellence.
  • Practical Solutions & Attainable Goals: Since the ‘Important Things’ team has walked a mile in your shoes; you get real solutions to real problems. The process eliminates fluff and delivers results.
  • A Process That Honors Your Core Values: This is great because you worked hard to develop these core values – they are the bedrock of your business. The ‘Important Things’ workshop experience rekindles these core values and uses them to ensure integrity and carve out a culture of excellence for you and your team.

Don’t Take My Word For it!

I could wax eloquent all day about how this program is the best thing to hit the market in decades, but I don’t have to. Read for yourself what Power Summit’s customers have to say about how we meet their needs in facilitated session!

As you read these quotes, I wonder how long it’s going to take you to book your workshop.

“I have been attending events where Paul is the Instructor for over 5 years now. Every class that I attended with Paul as the instructor, was detailed, timely and provided me with the information I was seeking and most all of the time more information than I had thought about. His high energy keeps the class engaged and awake. I would recommend Paul for any company seeking further development and knowledge in his expertise area.”

Dan Smith, Principal

Southwest Construction Services


“It is always great to work with Paul and Power Summit. Paul accommodates every customer need and always exceeds expectations. He is knowledgeable, professional, and always approachable.”

Gunnar Shalin, Director

San Diego Contracting Opportunities Center – PTAC


“I had the good fortune to be part of Paul’s course in Project Management. Paul is unique in his understanding of the nuances in day-to-day construction that challenge all Project Managers. It is easy to teach a “textbook” course in Project Management, but rarely will any construction project fit a norm. Paul understands that and teaches Project Managers how to cope in that complex and dynamic environment.”

Bill Adleson, Director

Western Operations at Solaire Generation, Inc.


“I first had contact as a student in one of his classes but we have later retained him for his abilities as a facilitator for partnering meetings.  His dynamic “stage presence” and the material he brings forward is cutting edge and will keep everyone’s attention at the front of the room.  No one leaves empty handed from a Power Summit class or workshop.”

Eric Jackson, Project Manager

Harris and Associates

This Solution Isn’t Easy to Get!

The “Important Things!” team is so specialized that Power Summit can’t simply grab another facilitator and get excellent results. That’s why they’re limiting registrations to only 40 workshops a year. And, with the results they have already you must act now or your competition will take your spot!

It’s An Easier Decision Now…

As you look forward to the great things to come out of this program, you’re going to realize how amazing it is that the ‘Important Things’ team never asks for money up front. This makes the decision to get started with ‘Important Things’ even easier. Not only do you get great results, you pay for your workshop after the event!

Creating A Comprehensive Solution…

The ‘Important Things’ one-day exclusive workshop is a proven a catalyst for growth in quality-conscience and values-driven construction companies. But, the Power Summit team is so committed to your success that they are throwing in their most valuable resource – time! They are giving you:

  • Pre-Workshop Consult: This is important because it puts you in control of the workshop topics. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for the complex issues you face. And, with the experience of the team guiding you through a pre-workshop consultation, you’ll be sure that the workshop is an effective use of your team’s time.
  • Post-Workshop Coaching: This coaching is good for you because it helps you navigate the rapid results you’ll be seeing as you start making critical changes in your company. The ‘Important Things’ team is a lasting resource for you to tap as you determine the next most important use of your time.
  • Exclusive Tools: These tools allow you to take advantage of the team’s gray hair and practical approach to getting the job done. You get privileged access to all of the tools in their toolbox. Saving you from the hassle of reinventing the wheel.

Book an “Important Things!” Workshop & Become The Envy of Your Competition!

As you can see, this simple service is packed with value. When you secure your date on the calendar you’ll get:

  • An Acclaimed Construction Project Manager and Award Winning Trainer & Facilitator
  • A Safe & Respectful Workshop
  • A Systematic & Objective Evaluation Process
  • Practical Solutions & Attainable Goals
  • A Process That Honors Your Core Values

Don’t forget, you also get these unique benefits…

  • Pre-Workshop Consult
  • Post-Workshop Coaching
  • Exclusive Tools

Booking your date now means one less session available for your competition!

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